What Is Robot Vacuum Mapping

Robot vacuum with mapping is a new & main technology recent years, it can help robot cleaner to build a map of cleaning area, work with wifi function, you can get a clearly map on your smartphone; the map will be like a brain to control robot cleaning route, which can achieve the biggest cleaning efficiency; also per the map, you will know where the robot already cleaned.

The route for robot vacuum without mapping is random, so there are many unreasonable cleanings appeared, for examples, there will some areas that robot missed during the whole process, but some that the robot cleaned twice or more, all that means the robot cleaner couldn’t clean house well; compared with previous robot, self house mapping for robot vauum is a huge improvement

why do robot vacuum cleaner move randomly

Main Mapping Technology For Robot Vacuum

LDS Smart Navigation

The laser sensor scans the room at 5*360/second for distance information, which will then be computed with the SLAM algorithm to generate a real-time map. K187 is using this technology. At present it’s the main navigation on the market

Camera Navigation

The visual camera scans the room completely and clean with full home plan route, then built a cleaning route map. Klinsmann K186 is equipped with visual camera navigation, it also can generate the real time map & virtual wall

Gyroscope Navigation

It is equipped with a gyroscope that builds the map of cleaning area while the machine is working, Like Klindmann Model K185, K196, K197, KRV310, KRV208 all are using this technology. It is currently the most mature navigation technology

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