Incoming Quality Control (IQC)

To apply advanced supplier management, comprehensive capability assessment, set appropriate purchasing strategy, strictly follow incoming quality inspection for raw material quality control, monitor supplier performance, promote continuous quality improvement and ensure material quality stability.

Process Quality Control (PQC)

To achieve product quality control standards & customer requirements, establish SOP for each process of the product, identify key station capabilities, configure appropriate tools, and ensure the product production process is under control by adopting standardized methods.

Outgoing Quality Control (OQC)

In order to make sure that every robots are great when shipped out, we make a very strict inspection for end products; there is a departments for OQC & every finished products will be delivered there for final test.

Input Process Quality Control (OQC)

In order to make sure every process is right, every worker is on the right side, During the production, besides PQC, there is another inspection for the production, PQIC department, it’s also the guidance for production

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