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Klinsmann Intelligent Technology has been supplying robot vacuum cleaner since 2008. One of the earliest chinese supplier on the world. With more than 13 years developments, we can provide as more as 15 different models of robot cleaner for household.

Moreover each robot vacuum has it’s special features. Based on different market.

Model No. K187 K186 K185 K196 K197 KRV206 KRV310 KRV209 KRV305
Wet & Dry
Self Charging
Navigation Laser Camera Gyroscope Gyroscope Gyroscope

Noted: Above models are just part of klinsmann robot vacuum. If you want complete product list, send us message.

More important klinsmann have all necessary certificates. Including CE/CB/RoHS/FCC/RED. We have a very experienced product team & production line, we have an independent research and development capabilities. We can offer ODM & OEM services and we’v already worked with many famous brands among the world. We have our own brand “Klinsmann” and you can buy it from our online store. Only you got our authorization and you can sell your robots on your market.

Supplier Market

Our robotic vacuum cleaners are widely used in different market

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