Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturer

Klinsmann Intelligent Technology is a professional cordless vacuum cleaner manufacturer & supplier since 2008, OEM for many leading brand on world. We have a very strict quality control, 3 departments (IQC/PQC/OQC) for quality guarantee. so every cordless vacuum cleaners are 100% safe & workable when out of warehouse. Meanwhile we are ISO9001 (Quality Management System Certificate) & BSCI verified factory. and all product certificates that market required are supported.

As the creditable cordless vacuum cleaner manufacturer. we supply with our own brand and we provide cordless vacuum OEM services. we have more than 80 business partners in the world. Offer cheap cordless stick vacuum price, factory supply and skip trading company, so more competitive price on market
Reliable after services, technical support & free spare parts, 12 months Warranty
Offer the very fast lead time, because of strong production ability, order will be finished within promised time

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Custom Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

As a global leading manufacturer, we support vacuum cleaner customization with wholesale price, including outline re-design, packing & logo printing, special color requirements, part of accessories customization and so on.

Custom Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Cordless vacuum cleaner is one of floor vacuum cleaner. compact in size, very convenient to carry and use. It is a household cleaning product between ordinary household vacuum cleaners and portable vacuum cleaners. It is more suitable for cleaning small spaces.

Name & Nick Name Cordless Vacuum Cleaner/ Handheld Vacuum Cleaner / Stick Vacuum Cleaner / Portable Vacuum Cleaner
Applications Carpets, car cleaning, electrical appliances, household appliances
Power Li-Battery & Wireless
Features Small Size & Very Light, Easy to take
It comes with an extended vacuum tube to avoid bending or tiptoeing when vacuuming
The suction is strong, and it will be clean after passing
Low working noise and vibration
The square brush can be rotated 90 degrees, which is convenient for vacuuming in small spaces and multiple angles
The dust bag has a large volume and is easy to clean or replace
It can be disassembled and stored conveniently
Advantages Saves Time and Energy
Battery-powered cordless vacuum is flexible and fast
It’s very convenient for quick clean-ups
Agility to go where other vacuums can’t, easy to use
Great performance for Pet Hair
More convenient & safer than a corded vacuum cleaner
A cordless vacuum cleaner is a low-cost tool
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