vacuum cleaner and washer

Carpet Washer Vacuum Cleaner

Product Features

Technical Data

Model No.: C288 Rating Power 700W
Product Size 43cm*32.5cm*113cm Power Supply 220~240V
Clean Water Tank Capacity 1.35L Dirty Water Tank Capacity 1.25L
Noise Level Less than 79DB Package Size 62cm*35cm*46cm

High Power Vacuum Pump Strong Suction

Motor Suction Power Rated Power Rotational Speed
15000Pa 800W 6200Rpm
high powerful vacuum suction
cleans both wet and dry stains

Cleaning Both Wet and Dry Stains

One-step cleaning, no place for dust stains to escape. Combined with a high fiber roller brush that spins hundreds of time per minute. A full cleaning power that leaves the carpet looking fresh and new

Fast Drying With Heat Force

Powerful extraction of excess water, No stain residue

fast drying
extension brush

Handheld 2.5M and Extension Brush

Perfect for use on stairs, upholstery, and car interiors

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