Why Do Robot Vacuums Move Randomly

why do robot vacuum cleaner move randomly

With the widespread use of robot vacuums. There are lots of questions related to robot vacuums appeared. Because for the end customers, in fact they only can use it based on user manul, but they don’t know robot very deeply.

As we know robot vacuum is getting more acceptable by us. That’s because it works much better than before. It’s getting smarter. They can clean your house just like a human, they know what time it should to clean. Which place it should to clean. For some high grade robot vacuums, they can calculate automatically & Design a clear cleaning route.

However some robot vacuums moves randomly, that let end-customer confused. This post will have you the answer

As a china leading robot vacuum manufacturer, we will tell you why it can move with smart route. On the market, The most common route is the Zig Zag route

First, It’s equipped with Smart Navigation

There are three different navigations for robot vacuum cleaner. The basic navigation is Gyroscope, the middle level is visual camera navigation, the best one is Laser navigation.

For LDS smart navigation, the laser range sensor scans the room at 5*360 per second for distance information. which will then be computed with the SLAM algorithm to generate a real-time map. Like Klinsmann Model K187

For Visual smart navigation, the visual camera scans the room and clean with full home plan route, then built a cleaning route map. Klinsmann K186 is using this navigation.

For Gyroscope navigation, robot vacuum is equipped with gyroscope, which can build map of cleaning area while the machine is working, Like Klinsmann K185

Second: It’s equipped with Sensor

At present there are two common sensors. It can help robot to avoid be stucked.

For wall sensor
It can detect the obstack, If there is Obstacke in front of robot, and it stop it keep going, then it will change the direction automatically.

For Bottom Sensor.
As we know at present, we still don’t overcome the technical problem for stair. Robots can easily fall down from stairs, So we need bottom sensor. It can detect and find stair. And help robot to avoid by changing direction.

Let’s do a conclusion: the reason why robot vacuum can move with smart route. That’s because it’s equipped with smart navigation & some sensor. The better it is, the better cleaning performance will be.

So on the other word, if your robot vacuum move randomly. There will be two reasons.

First. You got a robot vacuum without Navigation, It maybe the very basic model. Like Klinsmann KRV305. The cleaning route is random, it just include the basic function, like Vacuuming & Sweeping, Stair Safety Technology, by the way, the price is very cheap. You can check your product introduction or Ask customer service, then it will be clean if your robot vacuum will move randomly.

There is also another occasion that your robot vacuum is get worse

We couldn’t guarantee that your robot will always works well. It’s machine and it will get broken some time. If the navigation is broken, It will couldn’t move smartly; If the sensor is broken, it couldn’t detect the obstacle, and couldn’t work well. So if your robot vacuum move with special route but now it’s not working, big possibility that your robot is broken and you may have to fix it now.

Suggestions For User

Even though basic robot vacuum will have a very cheap price, maybe only need $30 or $40, we don’t recommend it. Buy a robot with smart navigation will be very important. It can greatly improve your cleaning cover rate.

Then before you place order, you have to know read the robot technical details. Such as the navigation type. You also need to figure out the warranty. That will be a guarantee when you got trouble for your robot

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