Which Robot Vacuum is The Quietest

This article will have a detailed introduction that what factors that affect the noise level. Which robot vacuums is the quietest on the market. and how to make a quiet robot vacuum


Robot Vacuums is a new & intelligent assistant for our life, it’s very popular for young people. To some extend it’s be the necessary home appliance. With the development of technology, the function of robot vacuum getting more and more power. It can meet people’s increasing needs.

However there are still some apart that is not good enough. Still have some problems that effect our life. robot vacuum noise is one of the main problems. Almost all the manufacturers are trying to make the best to reduce the noise. Keep it as quiet as possible

What factors that affect the robot vacuum noise ?

There are many factors that effect the noise of robot vacuum. which can be roughly divided into two parts.

First Factor: The Design Of Air Duct & The Way Of Noise Reduction

When robot vacuum is turned on, there will be noise. so many people think the noise is com from motor. but actually the motor is silent. the noise is generally made when the turbofan agitates the air, but this kind of noise cannot be avoided on a single unit. so at present there is no robot vacuum quiet enough.

Different manufacturers have different ways of dealing with air duct design and noise reduction. we can have three conclusions

  • The smoother the air duct, the lower the wind resistance
  • The length of the air duct is moderate, and there is a certain distance to make part of the noise offset
  • The noise reduction material of the air outlet should be sound-absorbing and breathable, and so it won’t affect the exhaust and ventilation

For this factor, it’s hard to be controlled & adjusted by your self. choosing a good manufacturer & supplier is very important when you want a quiet robot vacuum

Second Factor: The Wear, Aging & Fault Of Robot Vacuum

Normally, every machine has the problem of aging. the same as robot vacuum. With the increase for service life of the sweeper, the noise will be get louder. because there is inevitable wear and tear inside machine appeared. such as the gear wear, gears can’t rotate smoothly, then the noise will be louder than usual.

Quietest Robot Vacuums 2023 Recommendation

After the testing for some main brands of robot vacuum, we found the top 5 based the noise level. ( the testing is made by klinsmann, a professional robot vacuum manufacturer)

Quietest Mini Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Klinsmann K196

The biggest feature for this model is robot body. from the picture and you can see it very cut. the high is only reach 5.6cm, which allow it to work under your bed or sofa. even though it’s small boday, the function is good. it’s equipped with gyroscope navigation, wifi remote control, smart wet mopping, voice guidence and so on.

Because of the very reasonable design inside, the noise is very low and noise level is only around 55DB. which is less than the average decible 65DB

klinsmann mini robot vacuum cleaner k196

Quietest Laser Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Roborock S6

This model is one of the hot sale of Roborock. it’s equipped with laser navigation. so it can map out your home and clean the rooms. also you can customize your room cleaning, go and clean where you want it in. so you can see the price is higher than average level.

We test several different laser models, and Roborock S6 is around 58DB, which noise is the lowest one

Quietest Infrared Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Eufy 11S

This model is one of the most hot sale robot vacuum in amazon. besides it has a very nice appearance & high cost-effective, another reason it’s the noise. the test the noise is no louder than 59DB, even though we turn the suction power to the highest level. so it’s one of the quietest robot vacuum. however the big shortcoming is also the suction power, which only could reach 1300pa

4.Quietest Camera Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Klinsmann K186

On the market, the robot vacuum with camera navigation is not very easy to see. most of the brands don’t offer this kinds of cleaning robot. we test five models & the quietest one is klinsmann K186. be equipped with auto charging & wifi function, so you can do the remote control with your smartphone. moreover this model has zone cleaning, it can clean the zone that you want.

Our testing shows that the noise level is only around 55DB. and when switch to brute force mode, the noise is 58DB.

cleaning robot vacuum camera

5.Quietest Gyro Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Klinsmann K185

Sweeping robot with gyro navigation is the most common model on the market. because its technology is the most mature. many of this kinds robot cleaners are very excellent & the noise is also very quiet. like Klinsmann K185, Roborock E4, Irobot Roomba I3, Tesvor M1, Eufy Robovac G30 etc.


All those models have the very similar function. such as auto cleaning with mapping, auto charging, wifi & smart mopping. also the noise level is around 60DB

How do I make my robot vacuum quieter

When you bought a robot vacuum. the motor couldn’t be changed. but we could do the maintenance work to delay the aging & wear. then keep it quiet as long as possible.

First, we couldn’t let it work for a long every time. the recommendation of working time is around 120 minutes.

Then, we should clean our robot vacuum regularly. then it’s not easy be sucked by the trush.

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