With the development of artificial intelligence(AI), there are lots of home appliance appeared in our life, such as the robot vacuum cleaners, it highly improve our life & free our hand, save more time from our life

Right now robot vacuum cleaners is getting more and more popular & recognized in our life, you can see there are many different brands with different models on the market.

So there will be a problem
What are the best robot vacuum cleaners
How to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner?
There is no very standard answer, as one of the earliest robot vacuum cleaner manufacturer, we can offer you some suggestions.

what are the best robot vacuum cleaner

First, there are some brands that you can consider.
A.Irobot robot vacuum cleaner
C.Xiaomi & Roborock
Cause only the famous brand & factory that has higher quality control; they will insist on their high reputation.

Second, we couldn’t pay too more attention on the appearance.
Normally when we decide to buy something, we may focus on the appearance too much, and big possibility that to pick up the most beautiful one that you think, but for home appliance like robot vacuum cleaner, you have to remember that what you need is more important that what it look like.

Third you need to know what functions that you need & find the robot based on that point.
Normally function like:
1> Wifi Function, that can connect with APP to achieve remote control
2> The navigation options, like Laser navigation, Visual navigation, Gyroscope Navigation & Without any navigation
3> Auto recharging, it can go back to the charging station & do the recharging by itself
4> Mopping function, if it’s equipped with Water Tank, then it can achieve mopping when do the cleaning
5>Voice prompt, OTA Technology, Invisible wall

Obviously the function you need more, the price will be higher, when you decide to buy a robot, think about what function that you may need or you don’t need.

Fourth, we have to think about the after-services.
Normally only the famous brands & the leading manufacturer can have you the after-service accordingly, and if it’s factory, it will be more better, cause it can have you the technology support.

The last thing it’s about the robot vacuum cleaner price that you need to consider.
You can see there are different price on the market, some has the same function with specifications, but the price still are different, that’s because the production cost is different, we couldn’t say which one is better, but we can follow one principle, the price from factory is better that the brands and the brands is better than some middle supplier.

Different people has different opinions & different requirements, there is no best,and we just need to collect the information that you think is important, hope all of you can find the best one that you like.