How to Use Tuya App

Right now robot vacuum is very smart, which can be controlled by our smart phone, if the robot cleaner has wifi function, together with APP, like TUYA APP, then you can make a setting & achieve the remote control by your phone; however we found that it’s a little difficult for some of our customers, and there is a problem, how to make the connection between robot vacuum and TUYA APP.

TUYA APP User Manual
Brand: Klinsmann
Robot Model: Klinsmann Lidar Robot Vacuum Cleaner K187

Step One

Download TUYA APP
Find TUYA in your smartphone application store, like apple store or android store; or you can scan the QR Code as below & download APP, Register And Login

first step for the connection between robot and tuya app

Step Two

Add device & choose small home appliance: Robot Vacuums

Step Three

Make your smart mobile phone connect with Wifi and enter wifi password
Then choose AP Mode.

Step Four

Press and hold the button “AUTO” for 5~10 seconds, the robot vacuum will switch to the WIFI connection mode

Step Five

In AP Mode & Press Next, Go to connect corresponding wifi hotspot smartlife-xxx ( noted: xx means a wifi code, each robot with differ code, choose wifi hotspot

Step Six

Go back to APP and wait for connection after connected with wifi hotspot
A robot control dashboard will be appeared when connection finished. Then enjoy the happiness from smart wet & dry robot vacuum cleaner

Pls noted: when you already make the connection between TUYA and APP successfully , no need to connect again, and only when the wifi changed & should be restarted again; The APP supports android and IOS system both; To make sure the wifi is stabilized for laser real-time map, please connect robots only with AP mode ( Step Three)

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