Right now we always feel that time is not enough, For young people they need Fast-paced life, they got lots of competition & work to do; and every day they will receive lots of information & they have to handle them; so when they got time to have a rest, maybe only sleeping & music can help them to relax, not even to mention about house work, however it’s just be there and if you need a good life environment & you have to.

Smart robot vacuum just find the need for people & especially for young people, the Artificial intelligent got high improvement, right now robot vacuum can do a very good job to help people, they are much more advanced than before, right now it getting more & more popular, or even to say that it’s getting part of our necessary home appliance

With the high demand from the market, the manufacturer of robot vacuum cleaner all get in & take lots of money & time to develop the best robot vacuum, so right now we can see that there many choice on the market, however for the end-customer, they don’t know which one is the best, which one can meet their need & requirements, which brand that they can trust.

So do you want to get the best smart robot vacuum in 2021 ? ( 5 best smart robot vacuums recommended )

No.1: Irobot Roomba 960

Supplier Score 95
Quality Score 90
Price Score 50
Services Score 75
Irobot Roomba 960

Irobot is the leading brand for vacuum robot cleaner, Roomba 960 is one of their models & should be recommended one, Powerful cleaning, it has wifi function that connect with APP, it can cleaning embedded dirt, debris & the pet hair; smart navigation that can keep tracking cleaning route; that’s the best point that it has; however the price is high compared with the same function in other brand

No.2: Klinsmann Robot Cleaner K187

Supplier Score 92
Quality Score 90
Price Score 95
Services Score 85

Klinsmann is one of the earliest manufacturer for robot cleaner, their brand is not as high reputation as Irobot, that’s because most of time they are the foundry for other brand, during 2018 and they start to do their own brand with klinsmann, they have many models and among them, we highly recommend Klinsmann K187, Lidar smart navigation that guide the robot do the cleaning more efficient & completely. Map memory, it can build invisible wall & set a restricted area, Together with wifi, auto recharging, intelligent electric water tank, can meet most of your requirement for life cleaning; But the price is very acceptable, really factory price, compared with other brand with the same function, Quotation Now

No.3: Eufy 11S Max

Supplier Score 92
Quality Score 85
Price Score 85
Services Score 90
Eufy 11S Max

Eufy is one of the hot selling brand on the market, especially in the us market, their robot is very simple & beautiful, among those intelligent robot vacuums, 11S is choosed by lots of customers, 11S, it has very high cleaning performance & customer review, it has remote control, charging base, infrared-sensor for evading obstacles and drop sensor to avoid falls, the sunction power is around 1300pa, but with gyro navigaiton

No.4: Ecovacs Deebot T8 AIVI

Supplier Score 90
Quality Score 89
Price Score 80
Services Score 80
deebot T8

Ecovacs has the same reputation as Irobot, one of the earliest supplier for robot vacuum cleaner, but right now most of thier robots are produced in China, just like APP company, Ecovacs has many classic robot vacuums & deebot T8 is one of them, it’s very advanced with AIVI Technology & video monitoring, laser mapping and navigation, creats the precise map in your house for efficient cleaning; it also has advanced custom cleaning, can creat a specific area or room; the virtual boundaries can creat unlimited customarea and keep the robot away from areas where you don’t want the robot go.

Somehow it’s too advanced than market requirements, so the price is also very expenisive. for those who want to have high standard for robot cleaner, deebot T8 is a good choice.

No.5: Xiaomi 1S

Supplier Score 85
Quality Score 85
Price Score 80
Services Score 90

Xiaomi is a new robot vacuum cleaner brand in the market, it can offer many home appliance, including robot cleaner, but because of it’s simple design & good reputations, it’s also very recognized on the market, they have very few options, and among them Xiaomi 1S is the most popular one. It’s equipped with laser navigation, brush less motor, the cleaning area can reach 250 square meters, it has a big lithium-ion battery, intelligent path planning, memory layout, corner covering, wifi & app control, timeing routine etc.

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