How to Stop Robot Vacuum From Getting Stuck

7 Reasons Why Robot Vacuum Get Stucked ( Professional Manufacturer Teach You To Fix It )

Robot Vacuum has greatly improved our life quality, save our time & free our hand. It’s become one of our important life assistant. however have you ever met that your robot vacuum get stucked? Maybe because of your furniture, the long hair in the floor, the carpet, and it happended many times.

No matter what brand that your robot vacuum is, maybe it’s Irobot Roomba, Ecovacs, Xiaomi, Klinsmann or others. but i think it’s already become a problem that let you in trouble when using robot vacuum. this article will help you to know the reasons why it’s get stucked, the ways that how to stop robot vacuum from getting stuck, and the models that not easy be stucked

Why Robot Vacuums Getting Stucked ?

Reason 1: The Thickness For Robot Vacuum

Different Brands & Models, The Robot Vacuum size is different. The smaller the robot is, the less likely it is to get stuck. so compared with regular robot vacuum, Ultra-thin robot vacuum are less likely to be jammed by furniture. Most of time they can travel freely under the furniture, like bed & sofa.

Below is a sheet for the thickness of robot vacuum on the market

Type of Robot Vacuum High Get Stuck
Slim Robot Vauum Around 5.7cm Hard
Regular Robot Vacuum Around 8cm Easy
Laser Robot Vacuum Around 9.5cm~10.5cm Hard ( Smaller Navigation )

Reason 2: Low Furniture Chassis

Normally like Desk, Sofa, Bed, Chair are the regular furnitures at your home. each of them has different high. you can check the table above. if some of your furniture chassis high is less than 8cm, your robot vacuum will be more likely to get stuck

Reason 3: High Wool Carpet

The carpets in thier living room and bedroom are very often to see in many families. especial in Europe & Noth Americal.

For the carpet with low wool, robot vacuum can go across it easily, but if it is the carpet with high wool. it will become a big barrier. The height of robot vacuum from the ground is around 1.2cm. if the carpet wool higher than 1.5cm, The sweeper is topped up by carpet wool. together with carpet resistance. it will be very get stuck

Reason 4: Crowded Space

If the cleaning area is very crowded, It’s also very easy to cause robot vacuum stucked. for some area, the space even lower than robot itself. There is no more space for machine to do cleaning.

Reason 5: The House Is Very Mess

For some familes, if your house is very mess, the clothes, the bag or the kids toy are everywhere. it will be very easy to get robot vacuum stucked

Reason 6: The Brush Stucked

Some robot vacuums are equipped with brush. Side brush & Main Brush. If you don’t clean the brush for long or regulary, the brush will be entangled in piled hair. especial for the long hair & pet hair. it’s easily to get brush stucked

Reason 7: Some Robot Vacuum Technology Not Overcome

Robot Vacuum already has many years development and we already achieve many technology sucess. However there are some still in research.

Like carpet detection technology. Irobot & Ecovacs already did the research on it. but at present the technology is still not very mature. Suppose if we could have a mature carpet detection technology, our robot vacuum can avoid carpet completely and not be stucked. Suppose If our engineers can develop a robot sweeper with greater horsepower, greater suction power, and greater obstacle clearance ability, i think there will no carpet that can stop it.

How to Stop Robot Vacuum From Getting Stuck ?

With the development of robot vacuum, it will not get stuck as easily as before. and i believe we finally can solve the problem in the future. At present, there are several tips that help you to fix the problem

1. Robot Vacuum Choice

Not all robot vacuums that are easy be stucked. we list three models for your reference when you plan to buy a robot vacuum

Super slim robot vacuum is less likely to be stucked by furnitures. (The thickness is around 5.7cm)
Choose Robot Vacuum With LDS smart navigation. Because it has zone cleaning function. you can set the cleaning area by yourself. when there is high wool carpet there, you can forbidden robot vacuum to clean there.

If your budget is allow, buy robot cleaner with carpet detection technology. Even though it’s not very mature at present, it still working & can skip carpet cleaning.

2. Clean Up Robot Vacuum Brush In Time

As we know robot vacuum is easy to get stuck by pet hair & long hair. but only if can we clean up the brush in time, remove the sticky hair. the brush won’t be stucked & back to normal work. Normally we recommend cleaning up every time after finishing the work.

3. Give Space For Robot Vacuum

Like clothes, toys, shoes, kids’ schoolbags, Shoe and other big Daily necessities, Chair All will affect robot vacuum cleaning. So when you ready to start machine, Please tidy up these large daily necessities or put them on the table, do not block the cleaning route of the sweeper

4. Keep Lights On

If the cleaning room is very dark & no light, it will get robot vacuum confused. because some navigations of robot vacuum rely on infrared. if there is no enough ambient light, it will couldn’t make the right navigation & find the obstacles. This is very often happen to the old generation. So if yours is very old & you have to notice that point

5. Having Charging Station In Plently Of Room

Charging station is very often be point that make robot vacuum stucked. So please don’t let dock station stand by the wall or the corner. Keep it in a good position. Giving more space for charging sation & put it in

Robot Vacuums That Not Easy Be Stucked

If you notice the point above & i think your robot vacuum that will not be stucked easily. here are some recommendations of robot vacuum, which is not easy be stucked

klinsmann mini robot vacuum cleaner k196

mini robot vacuum klinsmann k196

Description: K196 has a very good-looking but multifunction, including auto charging, wifi remote control, voice guidence. It’s equipped with smart navigation, which has 5 different cleaning modes.

Biggest Feature: Super slim mini robot vacuum. the high is only reach 5.7cm. so it won’t be stucked by furnitures

klinsmann lidar robot vacuum cleaner black

Lidar Robot Vacuum-Klinsmann K87

This model is very powerful. compatible with google home & amazon alexa. 7 different cleaning modes. powerful sunction with perfect cleaning performance.

Biggest Feature: It’s equipped with LDS smart navigation, which allow it to achieve zone cleaning & breakpoint resume. if there is high wool carpet, you can make a section to skip that area.

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