Robot Vacuum For Stairs - 3 Concerns

Stairs are very common in our house, it’s very easy for us to go across. But it’s a big problem for robot vacuums. At present we already overcome some problems, but still not yet. There are three main concerns.

robot vacuum stairs
  • Cleaning Robot fall down from stairs easily
  • Robot Vacuum couldn’t go across stairs
  • Robot vacuum work on stairs hardly

First: Can Robot Vacuum Avoid Fall Down Stairs ?

Falling down from stairs are very often in the past. because the robot navigation & stair safety technology are not very mature. for many customers, it could be one of the concern when buying a robot vacuum.

Now it won’t be a problem again. the anti-falling technology has a huge improvement. it’s become the very basic requirement for robot vacuum manufacturer. on market, there is no any risk of falling when robot working. Almost of robot vacuums are equipped with anti-drop sensors in the bottom, it can detect the depth, together with smart navigation (Infrared, Gyroscope, Lidar), It can make the right decision to avoid the edge of stair & barrier.

Like klinsmann robot vacuum K187, K185, K196, K186, all the robots use stair safety technology, equipped with 3 pairs anti-drop & smart navigation. So it’s no possible to fall down from stair.

Second: Can Robot Vacuum Climb Stairs ?

There are many research & idea for a design to make robot vacuum that can climb stairs.

In the past, there is a group did a work base on irobot roomba, they made flying robovac. however it failed, because it’s not pratical. There is also another design, a sample figure of how the Dyson vacuum would move up and down the stairs. the stair-climbing robot hasn’t yet been confirmed to be a real product.

So there is no stair cleaning robot at present, perhaps it may appeared in the future.

Robot vacuum cleaner can run at hardwood & tile floors, carpets, some even can go across small gap. that’s because robot vacuum fit with Retractable Wheels, it can climb with small slope ( Less than 15 degrees), but the slope for stair is 90 degrees & the high normally higher than robot, all that means it’s impossible for robot to climb Stairs

Third: Can Cleaning Robot Work On Stairs ?

The width for regular stair is about 10cm, but the width for robot normally can reach 35cm, like Klinsmann K196, the smallest robot, the width can reach 32cm, which is much bigger than stairs, that means there is no more space for robot working. Although robot vacuum is rounded, but it still a big body for the corner, it couldn’t touch the corner in stair.

So without more development of robot vacuum, it’s not practic to clean on stair.

All in all, we hope to have a stair vacuum robot. our robot vacuum already get improved for stairs. but because of design & technology limitation. today there is no real practical robot vacuum for stairs. but we believe in it. it will be designed in the future.

Any Cleaning Machine That Can Work On Stairs ?

At present there is no robot vacuum that can work on stairs successfully. The best machine for stair cleaning should be cordless stick handheld vacuum.

Like robot vacuum, it combine two functions, sweeping & vacuuming. some has mopping function. The lightweight design & more Powerful sunction, flexible motorized soft roller brush and led light, together with huam assistant. So it can work easily on stairs. Also the price will be cheaper than robot vacuum cleaner.

At here, we recommend Klinsmann Cordless Stick Vacuum T21 for you. Buy it for your house cleaning will be a perfect choice.

Klinsmann T21 Cordless Stick Vacuum

Design For Hardwood Floors/Pet Hair/ Tile Floor/ Stairs/ Carpet. Rechargeable And Removable Long Lithium Battery Powered. Stick And detachable handheld 2 Way Using.

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