How Long Do Robot Vacuums Last

Many customers will have a question when buy a robot vacuum. how long do robot vacuum last ?
This article will help you to have a right understanding of robot vacuum lifespan.
Beside human errors, there are other two robot vacuum spare parts that can effect the lifespan.

The article is posted by Klinsmann, a leading professional robot vacuum manufacturer

No.1: the battery effect the service life of robot vacuum


Battery type & brand are different, the battery lifespan are different. because lithium battery has no memory effect, it has long lasting time. battery supplier also one of factor. different supplier, the battery performance are different. Like LG, Samsung, BYD, it has a better battery performance & life

No.2: the motor has big influence on robot vacuum lifespan


The motor different, the energy efficiency are different. at present, the best country for robot vacuum motor is japan. Like Nidec. the circuit has been optimized and it can reduce power loss during transmissionnot. so it has a higher energy efficiency. not only can it provide powerful suction, but also extend the life of robot vacuums.

No.3: Human errors make robot vacuum lifespan lost

Due to the lack of a correct understanding of robot vacuum, many human errors that appeared when using cleaning robot. Among them, there are two main reasons that have the very bad impact.


First, put it in a humid environment

Although there is wet and dry robot vacuum, but Robot vacuum is electrical equipment. it has many precision parts inside. if it stay in a humid environment for long, the motor is very easy be dampped.

Second, Don’t clean up robot vacuum regulary.

sweeping robot can clean your house automatically. but it couldn’t clean itself. so it still need help from us. when finish working, please clean the brush & dustbin, because it’s very easy to be Tangled by hair. otherwise it will getting motor over hot. then shorten battery life.

Conclusion: At present, almost all robot vacuum battery are changed to rechargeable lithium battery. the overall technical level for batteries and motors has been greatly improved. the gap between different country & brands still existed, but it getting smaller. except human errors, The average life span can reach 4~6 years.

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