Klinsmann is a professional robot vacuum manufacturer in China, you can get various robot vacuums, including Different Colors. White & Black is the most popular colors on the market, some also be added texture.

Smart White Robot Vacuums

robot floor cleaner white klinsmann KRV305

Cheap price & easy to use for all ages. Single type, one key to start auto cleaning, easy operation for Children & older


Super slim robot vacuum, the high only reach 5.6cm, not easy be stucked by your furniture, with mop function


Multifunctional robot vacuums, auto charging, wifi and app remote control, water tank, but with cheap factory price


Lidar robot vacuums, the most powerful cleaning robot, allow zone cleaning & breakpoint resume, generate real time map


Robot vacuum with big main roller brush, together with side brush & high suction power, perfect cleaning performance


It’s the pro model of KRV305, which is equipped with water tank, wet & dry mop, wifi app control, automatic recharging


Robot vacuum with gyroscope navigation, Support map & voice guidence, allow 5 different cleaning modes

Robot Vacuum Color Customization

Klinsmann is a professional Robot Vacuum Manufacturer, founded in 2008, With more than 14 years developments, we bring many kinds of robot vacuums to the market. Because of high quality, competitive price & timely after-sales, our robot vacuums is widely recognised on the world.

We are one of the leading OEM factory for many famous brands on the world. We deeply understand that customer different requirements in different market. So we support Color Customization. we can make any of your color designs.