As we are getting into a new season, in order to encourage our regualr to place order, having them more discount, Klinsmann lunch a Promotions for robot vacuum cleaners, for this program, we enlarge the model scope & entend the promotion time.

We call it “Smile in 2020” hope this program can help you to smile in 2020

Frist, we enlarge the model range in this promotions
Including model K187/ 186/ K185/ K305/ K209/ K310
Almost all main hot-sell robot cleaners will have the discount

Second, the discount in this promotions are very big.
For model K187/ K186/ k185, we can have you from 2%~5%
For model K305/K209, we can have you 3%~6% discount
For model K310, we can have you 4% discount
Kindly noted: it will be different between new customer & regular customers

The last, the promotion time will continue until next month.
From 15th Oct. 2020 to 29th Otc. 2020
Only you place order in this period of time, you will enjoy the discount

For the more detailed information, feel free to contact us.

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