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As we all know that there are many kinds of robot vacuum on the market. and when you want to buy one, you may check the functions, the battery, the water tank, the dustbin, the plug and so on. yes, obvious those factors are important. however have you ever take brush into consideration ? do you notice that some robot vacuums are equipped with brush and some are not ? This article will help you to understand more about the brush.

There are two types of brushes for sweeping robots.

The Main Brush


First, it’s in the middle of Robot Vacuum, so it’s as know as middle brush. normally it’s the biggest brush in robot. because of it’s material & shape different, there are several different kinds on the market. for example hybrid V shape middle brush.


Robot Vacuum is equipped with powerful motor for vacuuming. It can suck garbage into the dustbin. but some garbage is not that easy sucked in, like the pet hair. the mian brush like a assistant that can help to get them off ground better.

What Place Need Robot Vacuum With Main Brush

If there are lots of hairs in your house when you do the cleaning, for example you have pets, then robot vacuum with main brush will be more suitable for you.


The Side Brush


It is the brush that installed on the front side of robot. Some robot vacuum just has 1 side brush, some has 2 side brush. and the length is around 6cm.


Edge mode for corners & edges is one the mian cleaning modes for robot vacuum. when robot is working, the side brush will bring the garbage on the sides and corners of the wall to the suction vent. so it will be better for corner & edges cleaning compared with the model that no side brush.


Brush Price Guidence

Main brush & side brush both are the important robot vacuum spare parts. We can extend the service life of robot by replacing those part. but it just with a very small cost. What parts can be easily replaced and what the price will be, check below article.
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