How to Compare Robot Vacuum Cleaner

how to compare robot vacuums

Robot vacuum cleaner is very often to see in our life. However when you decide to choose one, you may get into trouble, especial for new. That’s because there are many many modes & brands in front of you. You don’t know how to compare them and couldn’t make the right decision for youself.

As a professional Robot Vacuum Manufacturer, we will teach you how to compare robot vacuums. Sure it will help you to get the best & suitable one for yourself.

In fact, robot vacuum is very complicated. For a technical, we may have to take lots of factors into consideration when you get a robot vacuum; However for end customers, we don’t need to be that professional, there are only several points you shold check again.

What are the aspects that you should compare

  • Navigation
  • Function
  • Battery
  • Suction Power
  • Dustbin Tanks & Water Tank
  • Charging
  • Price

First: Navigation – Determine cleaning efficiency

There are 3 navigations that very popular on the market. Gyroscope, Visual Camera & Laser Navigation. Gyroscope navigation is the most widely used on the market. The technology is very mature and stable; Laser Navigation is very popular recent years, because it’s more powerful, it can allow to generate map on your smartpone, at present the technology is also very mature; Regards visual navigation, because of technology limitation, it’s seldom to see on the market. So let’s make a conlusion: Laser Navigation is better than Gyroscope, and we don’t need to require robot vacuum with visual camera.

Second: Functions

To end customers, the more functions it has, the more better it will be. We listed a few more useful functions. When you buy one, you can compare with them one by one

Function 1 Function 2 Function 3 Function 4 Function 5
Wifi Connection Support Google Home & Amazon Alexa Auto Charging Mopping Function Voice Guidance

Third: Battery

Battery is very important for robot vacuum cleaner. The battery capacity will effect working time. At present the most regular battery capacity are 2000mAh/ 2600mAh/ 5200mAh. If you want a longer working time, you have to choose bigger battery capacity. Then it’s about battery life. Some batters from famous brand on the world, the battery life will be longer. Such as LG, Samsung, BYD.

Fourth: Suction Power

In order to attract more customers to buy robot vacuum, the seller often make a note of suction power on the color box. Yes, indeed it does work. Suction Power is one of important point for a robot vacuum. Normally higher suction power means it’s performance will be better. it can suck up trash more easily. Meanwhile higher suction power reguire better motor. such as brushless motor.

At present there are 5 levels of suction poowers on the market: 0~1000pa/ 1000pa~1499pa/ 1500pa~1999pa/ 2000pa~2499pa/ more than 2500pa. Normally around 1500pa~1999pa is completely meet your needs of house cleaning.

Fifth: Dustbin Tank & Water Tank

When we talk about dustbin tank & water tank, it’s more about the Capacity. If you have a bigger dustbin tank, it means it can hold more dust & you have fewer time to clean the dustbin tank; The same with water tank, if you want your robot vacuum with mopping function, water tank is very necessary. Bigger water tank means it can hold more water, then you need to go to refill less often.

Sixth: Charging

For charging, there are two factors are important. First if your robot vacuum can do charging automatically. Think about your robot vacuum is less power when you are not at home, but it can go for charging by itself and then back to work again. How wonderful it is. Then it’s about the charging time. The larger the battery capacity, the longer the charging time. Regular it around 4~5 hours

Seventh: Price

Different robot vacuum has different price. Even the functions, the battery are the same, the price still will be quite different. There are price range for your reference.

  • For the robot vacuum without navigation, the price is around $25~75
  • For the robot vacuum with Gyroscope, the price is around $75~$100
  • For the robot vacuum with laser navigation, the price is around $120, some brands is much much higher.
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