How Often Should I Run My Robot Vacuum

When you own a robot vacuum, you may have lots of questions, especially for the new one who just got his first robot vacuum. Among the questions, [ how often should i run my robot vacuum ] is one of the frequently asked question. As we know for some Household Appliances, if we don’t use it for a while, it may get damaged and the life span will be shortened, like refrigerator. So behind this problem is people’s concerns about using robot vacuum. This article will focus on it & solve your problem


What's Answer

The answer is very simple. we take Klinsmann Robot Vacuum as the example. If you have a klinsmann robot vacuum cleaner, how often should you run it ?

First, there is no standard or accurate answer for this question. For our end customers, mostly will do the cleaning more than once a week & less than once a day. Because there are many factors that can affect the answer.

How big is your house

Normally a robot vacuum can run about from 100 minutes to 200 minutes, it can cover about 200 square meter. So if you just have a small apartment & there is no floor in your house, you probably only need one time that the robot vacuum can clean all. If your house is very big with two or three floors, you have to clean more times

Do you have Pet in your house

If you have pet like Cat or Dog in your house, then it have to run robot vacuum more times. Because the pets’ hair is easy to fall off, and you don’t know what time & which place the pet hair is

Do you have Kids

As we all know that kids is very lively, they often make the house messy and dirty. So you may need to run robot vacuum often than usual.

The noise that you can stand with

When robot vacuum get working, it will make lots of noise. Even though it’s not very big, normally less than 60DB, but for the person who are more sensitive to noise, they couldn’t stand with it for long. So if you think the noise from robot vacuum is big for you, maybe you have to run robot vacuum less than usual

Life span of Robot Vacuum

This is the main consideration for many users. First, the battery & motor is the main two parts for robot vacuum, it can determine it’s lifespan. If you run your robot vacuum too often, obviously it will need more times for charging. however the number of charging and discharging of the battery is limited, so the battery life will be reduced accordingly, and the motor will wear more. But if you don’t run robot vacuum for long, such as more than 6 months, the battery still will get hurt.

Our suggestion is: If you buy one & you just run robot vacuum as often as you need, because you need to realize its value. Don’t think too much of it’s lifespan