2024 The Best Robot Vacuum for Hardwood Floor

On the market, there are lots of different type of robot vacuum. some models are very perfect for hardwood floor and some are very suitable for carpet. Some price are very cheap & some price are very expensive. we don’t know how to choose the best suitable one. For most of us, our house is installed with hardwood floor. and we will teach you how to choose the best hardwood floor vacuum robot.

Top 5 Picks Of Robot Vacuums For Hardwood Floor

klinsmann lidar robot vacuum cleaner black

Klinsmann K187 has the most function sections. Because it has LDS smart navigation, which called laser robot vacuum. it can make zone cleaning & breakpoint resume. you can do the zone setting in your smartphone, compatible with google home & amazon alexa. very convenient. moreover not only generate cleaning map, but only can store five different maps for different area. The others like wet and dry mopping, it has smart water tank, you can choose to mop your floor in wet or dry

klinsmann robot vacuum cleaner krv310

Model KRV310 has the super slim boldy. Klinsmann design it for the house with low furniture, like bed & dest. Normally the robot vacuum high is around 8.5cm to 10.5cm, maybe the laser robot vacuum will be higher, because it has Lidar Navigation. So if your buy this robot vacuum for your hardwood floor, you don’t need to worry about that it will be stucked by furniture. Also this model has water tank also, wet & dry mop for floor both workable.


Klinsmann KRV305 is a cheap robot floor cleaner. It’s very basic but very practical. There is only one button on the machine, no wifi & remote control, no navigation, no voice guidence, no water tank. so it just can achieve dry mop for the floor. If you want to use it for your floor, just clik the button and it will do the work automatically. So you can see it very easy to use & suitable for all ages. and the cleaning effect is perfect.

klinsmann gyroscope navigation robot vacuum k185 black

Model K185 has the most high review, and also the best sale in Klinsmann. First for the Function & Configuration, it’s great. Like Gyro Navigation, and can do the floor cleaning with Z route smartly. Wifi plus TUYA app, that can make remote control through your smart phone. voice guidence, OTA technology, smart water tank and so on. But the price is just around $90, for the big buyers, you can buy it with cheaper price

home cleaning robot krv208

This model is very special. The biggest feature is the brush. many robot vacuum just has two side brush & without main brush, but this model has big main brush. So if there is pet hair or the trash that is difficult to remove in floor, Model KRV208 can easy to collect them & do the good cleaning job. But this one don’t have wifi but with remote controller. Auto charging and with smart cleaning. also the price is very beautiful. So it’s also very popular on the market.

How to buy the Best Robot Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Although for most of robot vacuums, hardwood floor is not a problem at present. they can work well on it. when you decide to buy a hardwood floor, we have you some suggestions, which can help to choose the best suitable one.

There are several factors that you need to take into consideration

Working Time

As we all know that robot vacuum is powered by battery. Battery different, the working time will be different. Some machine can clean large space, some just can clean small apartment. On the market, most of robot can run around 100 minutes, it can cover about 100 square meters. so it will be enough to clean a small place. However if your house is bigger than 100 square meters, you may need to consider longger working time. Like Klinsmann K187, the battery is 2600mAh, for the plance that only with hardwood floor, the working time can reach 200 minutes.

So in all, working time should be one of main concern when buying a robot vacuum. you have to figuare out the size of your house, then make the decision accordingly

Suction Power

Most robot sweeper combines three different functions in one ( Sweeping, Mopping & Vacuuming). Among these functions, Vacuuming is the most important, it’s the most important role for cleaning performance. Normally if the sunction power is higher, the vacuuming will be more strong and the cleaning performance for hardwood floor will be better.

When you buy robot vacuum, you have to figure out the sunction power is. some is less than 1000Pa, some is less than 2000pa & higher than 1000pa, some even can reach around 3000pa.

Regularly if your robot vacuun can reach 1000PA & together with robot vacuum brush. the cleaning effect will be okay for hardwood floor

Robot Vacuum Cleaning Modes

With the technology development, our engineers have developed many different cleaning modes. Such as Full Home Clean Mode, Constituency Mode, Designated Mode, Edge Clean Mode, Standard/Quiet/Strong Clean Mode, Schedule Mode and so on. Different robot vacuums, the cleaning modes will be different, some has only basic modes, some has various modes.

Robot Vacuum Navigation

There are four different navigation on the market.

The basic is infrared navigation, it can help robot vacuum to avoide the barriers. The very widely used is Gyroscope Navigation, it can support machine to clean with smart route & generate cleaning map. The less use is Visual Camera Navigation, because the technology is not mature enough & the cost is very high, there are very few manufacturer will use this technology. The most popular & powerful is Laser Navigation, it will be more intelligent, not only can generate the real time map, but only support customer to do the zone cleaning.

Mop Function

Some vacuum robots don’t has water tank, so it just can do dry mopping; Some only has leaking water tank, so it can make wet & dry mopping; some are equipped with smart water tank, its Intelligent electronical water tank for this model, control water flow through APP stop water when machine stop, or in charging station.

So when you want buy one for your hardwood floor, the robot vacuums with smart water tank will be better.

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