Cordless Dry Vacuum Cleaner



Product Technical Data

Model No. T28A Manufacturer Ningbo Klinsmann Intelligent
Product Size 1241mm*240mm*235mm Unit Weight 2.3KGS
Rated voltage (V) 25.9V(Li-ion) Machine Power (W) 300W
Suction Motor Rate 300W BLDC Noise Level 78-87dB
3 Speed Suction button switch High suction: 28Kpa /Middle suction:15Kpa/Low suction: 10 Number of cells 7
Material Type Li-ion Battery 18650 Battery life 300 CYCLES CAPACITY>80%
Battery pack Detachable Capacity 2200mAh
Charging Time 4-5 hours Working Time High suction: 15mins /Middle suction: 20mins /Low suction: 30mins
Charging method Direct insert charging Dust tank 550ml
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