Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Automatic Klinsmann Floor Vacuum Robot Black K197

Previous Next Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot Intelligent Mopping System, Control Water Flow Smart Gyroscope Navigation & Achieve Automatic Cleaning Smart cleaning route, clean corners and along the walls Powerful Sunction to achieve max cleaning V-shape roller brush, collect the dust more completely Smart anti collision & cliff detect sensors, protect furniture & without the risk […]

Home Cleaning Robot

home cleaning robot klinsmann

Previous Next Automatic Home Cleaning Robot KRV208 Klinsmann Smart Navigation for automatic home cleaning Five different cleaning patterns Map, Sweep, Vacuum, Mop Supported Compatible With Google Home & Amazon Alexa Auto Charging Supported Wifi & APP Remote Control Three Button For Easy Use Big Middle Roller Brush Free Robot Vacuum Spare Parts Model No. KRV208 […]

Robot Cleaner

Previous Next Robot Cleaner Klinsmann KRV206 Cheap Price Big Middle Double Roller Brush Voice Direction With Language Customized Vacuum+Sweep+Mop Intelligent Collision For Route Change Anti-Drop Sensor for stair cleaning Big Dust Bin Capacity Remote Control Support Easy to use for all kinds of person Model No. KRV206 Robot Size 32cmx32cmx8.5cm Battery 14.8V Lithium 2000 mAh […]

Robot Vacuum Camera

klinsmann robot vacuum camera k186 black

Previous Next Robot Vacuum Camera Visual Camera Navigation Plus Gyroscope Work with Self Cleaning robot mop and smart water tank Suitable for house and home floor cleaning, including hardwood, tile floor, carpet Heap Filter & Brushless Motor APP Remote Control With Mapping Google Home & Amazon Alexa Supported Automatic Charging With Docking Station Powerful Vacuum […]

Robot Vacuum Lidar

klinsmann lidar robot vacuum cleaner black

Previous Next Robot Vacuum Lidar Klinsmann Real time room mapping technology Smart Laser Navigation Vacuuming, Sweeping, Mapping, And Mapping 4 in 1 Zone Cleaning and Virtual Wall Heap filter & brushless motor Cheapest price on market Compatible with google home & amazon alexa Automatic charging with docking station High suction power Send Inquiry Now Share: […]

Floor Vacuum Robot

klinsmann Floor Vacuum Robot White K197

Previous Next Automatic Floor Vacuum Robot K197 This is a very high cost-effective floor vacuum robot. Not only does it contain auto cleaning, wifi remote control, water tank & auto charging, it also has a very cheap price, so for the house floor cleaning, klinsmann k197 is a very good choice Cleaning Modes Auto Mode […]

House Cleaning Robot


Previous Next House Cleaning Robot K195 Klinsmann This model is a very suitable robot for home cleaning. It is equipped with a gyroscope navigation. so it can achieve intelligent automatic cleaning. It also has water tank, so it can make wet & dry cleaning. The outstanding appearance & cheap price made it more popular on […]

Robot Sweeper

Klinsmann KRV209 Robot Sweeper silver

Previous Next Auto Home Floor Robot Sweeper KRV209 Klinsmann This is an excellent robot sweeper that you deserve it. Although it doesn’t look as good as other models. It’s very unique & has it’s own special features. It has a big middle brush & Mouthpiece, so the cleaning performance in real is widely praised Big […]

Robot Vacuum And Mop

klinsmann robot vacuum cleaner krv310

Previous Next Slim Robot Vacuum And Mop KRV310 Klinsmann This model is very slim and the high is only 5.7cm, which is much lower than regulars on the market. but it has mop and small water tank, so it can achieve wet & dry mopping. more important, the outline design is really a nice work, […]

Robot Floor Cleaner

klinsmann cheap price easy use robot vacuum k305 white

Previous Next Automatic Robot Floor Cleaner Klinsmann KRV305 Simple operation, suitable for people of all ages Cheap Wholesale Price, Affordable for all families Fit for home floor, including hardwood floor & title floor Manufacturer support OEM with small quantity Certificates ( Including CE/CB/FCC/RoHS ) Model No. KRV305 Robot Size 33.5*33.5*8.3cm Robot Battery 14.8V Lithium 2000 […]