Can i Take Robot Vacuum On A Plan

robot vacuum on a plan

Robot vacuums have become increasingly popular for their ability to clean floors efficiently and without the need for constant supervision. Whether you are traveling for business, vacation, or moving to a new home, you may want to bring your robot vacuum with you. But can you take a robot vacuum on a plane ?

Be patient and this article will have you the answer.

Generally robot vacuum is allowed to be taken on a plane, however robot vacuums are considered electronic devices and can be carried in either checked or carry-on luggage, also if your robot vacuum has a lithium-ion battery, you have to remove it & recommended to carry it in your carry-on luggage.

More important you have to check with your specific airline for their guidelines and any restrictions they may have in advance.

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Can You Take Robot Vacuum On a Plan

In order to avoid any risk and our plane safety enough, there are very strict requirements for electronic devices

At present, most of the robot vacuum cleaners are equipped with lithium-ion battery. And that make it a little special when taking it on a plane. If the battery capacity of robot vacuum meets airline requirements, it can be carried on the plane, otherwise it will be prohibited. Portable electronic devices ( like watches, calculators, cameras, mobile phones, laptop computers, camcorders, etc.) containing lithium or lithium-ion batteries or batteries for personal use by passengers or crew members should be carried on board as carry-on baggage

If the battery more than 100Wh but not more than 160Wh, it can be packed in checked luggage or hand luggage after being approved by the airline. Lithium batteries exceeding 160Wh are strictly prohibited

The lithium battery contained in the robot vacuum has a rated energy exceeding 160Wh and cannot be carried on international flights. Generally, the lithium battery of the sweeping robot is about 3000mAh, so it’s 3Ah, 3*14.8=44Wh, which is not exceeding the 100Wh stipulated by the Civil Aviation Administration. Be noted that we are talking about ordinary robot vacuums on market, not including all robot vacuums. And that means for your robot vacuum lithium battery capacity, you’d better have the robot battery data or robot brand for easy query.

Power banks and lithium batteries with a rated energy exceeding 160Wh are not allowed to be carried or checked in by plane (there are other special regulations for lithium batteries used in battery wheelchairs).

Precautions for Carrying Electronic Devices With Lithium Batteries Not Exceeding 160Wh

Improper transportation of lithium batteries may cause air transportation accidents. In order to ensure the safety of life and property of passengers and others, please pay attention and follow the relevant regulations when carrying lithium battery equipment and lithium batteries.

Please put electrical equipment (such as digital cameras, video cameras, walkie-talkies, electric shavers, etc.) in hand luggage, not in checked luggage
Please install the battery on the electrical equipment, and take protective measures to avoid accidental activation of the equipment while carrying it
If you carry a spare battery, please take protective measures against short circuit for the spare battery. Such as: stick the exposed electrodes with adhesive tape or pack each battery separately in a plastic bag or a protective bag

How to Remove Lithium Batteries

If you have a confirmed reply from airline that your robot vacuum can be taken on a plane, we still have a suggestions for you.

As we know that most of the battery for robot vacuums are removable. You can remove battery from your robot vacuums, and have the battery in your own carry-on baggage. Also in that way your robot vacuum then can be in checked luggage.

Below is a video which can show how to remove battery from Robot Vacuums

In Conclusion

Right now i think you’v already have a general idea when taking a robot vacuum on a plane.

Your robot vacuum can be taken on a plane if the battery is not exceed 160Wh( And in fact most of batteries are lower than 100Wh ), but you have to carry it in your carry-on luggage. If you want to have your robot vacuum in in checked luggage, you have to remove your robot vacuum battery and keep the battery in your own your carry-on luggage.

And there 2 things you need to double checked before you taking them into plane.

  • Different robot vacuums has different batteries, that means you have to check the exactly information of your battery first.
  • Different airlines may have different guidelines, that means if you have to check with your flights first and let them know your robot vacuums exactly information and ask them for advices.

Okay, that’s it and if you guys have some special and right information for this topic, please feel free to share with us.

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