Best Robot Vacuum For Small Apartment

The living cost is very high currently, especially for young people, they couldn’t get high payment when they leave school, very low income only support them to rent a small apartment, your life, your work, your study will be locked in this small house; when you decide to buy a robot vacuum, you may got two questions, does robot vacuum can work for small apartment? what robot vacuum that can work for small apartment ?

Does Robot Vacuum Work For Small Apartment

Strictly speaking, Robot vacuums is designed for the big space, It can greatly save the time of manual cleaning, however it doesn’t mean it’s not suitble for small house, robot vacuum is very smarter & powerful than before, only there is  extra space left between your furniture, robot vacuum still can do a very good job

For small apartment, big battery is not very necessary, cause long running time is not required,  regular robot cleaner can clean as much as 100㎡ without charging, small battery or regular battery is enough, the price of robot vacuum will be cheaper accordingly

All robot vacuums has dust bin, normally from 200ml to 600ml, you have to clean the dustin when house cleaning finished every time; however small apartmemts also means less dust, so the smaller and regular dust bin capacity is working, and you have more options for robot vacuums

What Robot Vacuums Work For Small Apartment

In this article, we are going to inform you the best klinsmann robot vacuums that fit for small apartments, All the models mentioned below will perfectly suitable for limited space and leave it free of dust and debris.

Top 5 Robot Vacuums For Small House Cleaning
#1: Klinsmann K187- Mapping Lidar Robot Vacuum
#2: Klinsmann K185 – Automatic Wet And Dry Robot Vacuum
#3: Klinsmann K196 – Mini Slim Robot Cleaner
#4: Klinsmann KRV208 – Big Brush Cleaning Robot
#5: Klinsmann KRV305 – Cheap Price Home Floor Cleaner

#1 Klinsmann K187 Mapping Lidar Robot Vacuum

k187 for small apartment

For those expecting a robot vacuum offering powerful mapping function, please pay attention on Klinsmann K187, one of the best robot vacuum on the world, the latest technology, Lidar navigation support mapping & advanced cleaning route management, including the ability to set zone cleaning, moreover it has multi-level map, which can support up to Five floors in your house

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#2 Klinsmann K185 Automatic Wet And Dry Robot Vacuum


If you want to find a robot vacuum that offering self cleaning route but without high budget, keep your eyes on klinsmann K185, smart gyroscop navigation allow it self house cleaning with smart route, it’s sturdy wheels can move on all kinds of floors, including carpet; it’s high suction power can vacuum pet hair easily cleaning modes, wifi app setting in advance, do the self cleaning even though you are not in home

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#3 Klinsmann K196 Mini Slim Robot Cleaner


Everyone have the difficulty that it’s very hard to do the cleaning under your bed & sofa, klinsmann K196 is worth your consideration; small body with 5.6 high allow it go through everywhere without any obstacle, together with it’s two side brush, which can make a good performance for dead corner; meanwhile the cover is gradient, which looks very bright & cut

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#4 Klinsmann KRV208 Big Brush Cleaning Robot


Klinsmann KRV208 comes with big middle bush allowing it to have a better sweeping, work with 2 side brush, cleaning all dust that couldn’t be vacuumed; this sweeping robot has 5 different cleaning patterns, Cleaning efficiency is very high; Onece charged 100%, the machine can run for more than 1 hour; wifi connection & using Tuya APP to make remote control

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#5 Klinsmann KRV305 Cheap Price Home Floor Robot


If you don’t use robot vacuum before & want to try but with very low cost, Klinsmann KRV305 should be a good choice, you can get a smart robot vacuum in a very low budget; this robot has anti-falling detection, collision bumper & stair safety technology that allow run & cleaning successfully; No particularly complicated operations, even though you are a child or old man, still can use it very easily

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